" I could not be more pleased for having signed up with David Marasa as my personal trainer over three years ago. In my early sixties, I found myself out-of-shape, 20-pounds overweight, and after a routine medical exam, a borderline case/ possibly needing blood pressure medication if my condition did not improve. David's assessment of my needs led him to design a program that I committed to immediately. Within weeks, there were tangible, visible results, and after three months, I was out of the danger zone of being at risk for hypertension. Along with the eventual weight loss that I found most rewarding I was given strengthening exercises which helped greatly to compensate for a serious back injury I'd suffered 30 years prior. An added plus from David's planned program for me has been increased flexibility and balance, so that as I continue to age, I am far less likely to suffer injury from falls or stress on joints. His emphasis on strengthening the core has been a remarkable strengthening asset. I continue to see David for training twice a week and try to fit in time for prescribed cardio work on the treadmill and the elliptical machine at the gym. What is remarkable about David is his commitment to his clients' physical improvement and his diagnostic skill at determining the best exercise and weight training program for each individual."
(From a 67-year-old woman)

"I have been training with David Marasa weekly for the past several years. David is understanding and supportive, and always attentive to special problems or injuries. He has helped me with knee and back issues, proposing exercises to strengthen those target areas. David is well-informed and helpful and always optimistic that I can achieve the changes I desire even when I sometimes have my doubts. Though I can commit only a small amount of time each week, my overall strength has greatly improved through my sessions with him. If you're interested in finding an excellent personal trainer, I can unequivocally recommend David Marasa."

" I have had Dave as my personal trainer for over a year. He came highly recommended by a friend, and even then I was pleasantly surprised. Dave knows how to make the workouts fun but challenging at the same time. He explains what he is trying to accomplish with the exercises, changes them if they don't work well for you, and knows how to keep you motivated. I highly recommend him."
Dr. Rosaly Lopes

"When I started working with Dave I had hypertension and high cholesterol and I was using medication, A year later I am free of high blood pressure medication and my cholesterol medication has been cut in half. In addition, I lost four inches from my waist. I feel so much better."
Dr. Robert M. Nelson

"As an avid hiker, one year ago I set the goal to do one of the most strenuous but beautiful hikes in the West--the 221 mile John Muir Trail, from Yosemite Valley to the top of Mt. Whitney. I was soon joined by interested friends and four of us set the date to leave on July 17, 2009. The logistics of such a trip were cumbersome, but I knew that even more important was my physical conditioning. I had been a member of the Caltech gym for years, working out fairly consistently, but I never felt that I was really progressing. Now at 54 years old, I had decided to challenge myself and knew I needed assistance. I asked around about trainers at the gym and was told that "David Marasa is excellent trainer. So in May, I began working weekly with David. I have been completely thrilled by the change in my physical strength and, more importantly, my confidence. David showed me basic weight lifting and core-building exercises and explained how to use certain machines (which I had been misusing for several years). He was always positive, always professional, and extremely knowledgeable. In just 3 short months, I saw physical changes in my body--muscle replacing fat, an increase in the amount of weight I could lift, and improvement in my flexibility and balance. David gave excellent advice and cheered me on as I worked towards my goal. I highly recommend him as a trainer to anyone! "
Grace Hamilton.

"Davidís able to work with a wide variety of people and bring out the best in them. He knows when to push me and when to just keep me moving. From day one, he taught me good form, so Iíve never had an injury from lifting. But, heís great about nursing me back from the aches of middle age plus! David helped me realize my goals to be fitter and more toned.
Laurie S.

I have worked with Dave for a year. He has been very instrumental in reaching my goals. He is especially good at working around old injuries. I have found him to be very motivational and positive."
Jan Duncan, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

"I know different people want different things from working out with a trainer. I like that David has both short term and long term plans for helping me get stronger, but that he also can adjust the plan on the spot. If Iím really ďupĒ, we do a tougher workout; if I have a pain, he works around it, so we donít aggravate the situation but weíre still building toward the goal. I also like that he values both the lifting and the stretching Ė so I donít ache on the off days. I work out 2 hours a week with David and at different times I see him training other people as well. He is unfailingly friendly, kind, and respectful with his clients, other people working out, and the gym staff. He has the right combination of professional expertise, sensitivity to the clients needs, and personal warmth, to be a terrific trainer. "
Margaret L.

"I am 66 years old and train with David once a week now. I started back a few weeks ago from a long absence, and can already see and feel the difference. David is methodical and has a workout designed for me each time that maximizes my abilities without causing problems. I trust him completely, and that gives me the confidence to try things I never would otherwise, allowing me to reach a much greater fitness level that I would otherwise. I am convinced that the effort now will carry me into my senior years a healthier and stronger person. I feel exhilarated after every session, and that feeling lasts all week long."
Elaine D.